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About Us - Bread&Co®


Bread&Co® was established in 2005 as a response to the great market need in UAE for freshly prepared sandwiches. And since every meal begins with Great Bread, Bread & Co bakery café was set up around the concept of having bread freshly baked on site.

At Bread&Co®, we cherish our bread because we believe that “Bread is King of the table” and only with Great breads you make Great Meals. As you walk into our stores, you will smell the aroma of bread and freshly baked products as we bake throughout the day.

Our menu ranges from fresh signature and made to order sandwiches, tossed salads, hot meals, to bakery and pastry delights. Our entire menu is prepared at each Bread&Co® kitchen. We take pride in the fact that we do not outsource any of our finished products. We only buy from our partner’s fresh natural ingredients to prepare our own recipes.

Our chefs and bakers rise up early to prepare the finest foods for our customers, while our team works hard to standardize our offerings, perfect service in our stores while constantly looking for ways to enhance and develop our menu.

We strive every day to be better and are always on the lookout for opportunities to make Bread&Co® available around your corner or at your desk.